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About Wished For



Hi - so glad you stopped by!

I'm Rachel, founder of Wished For Jewellery, a family-run business in beautiful Norfolk, England.

I am passionate about animals and don't use any animal derived products (pearls, leather, feathers, fur, shell, coral etc) in my jewellery.

Every piece of Wished For jewellery is handmade in Norfolk with love and care using natural gemstones, sterling silver and gold fill.  Gemstones are true wonders of nature and I am always in awe at the colours and beauty of these little treasures that the Earth has created.

Though small, gemstones can have a powerful effect on us.  Whether you want to connect with the healing properties of the stones or are simply inspired by their beauty,  gemstone jewellery is a delight to wear and gift.

Combining gemstones with symbolic charms and talismans in a piece of jewellery can help the wearer feel uplifted, inspired and connected.